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Concerts 4 Charity

1 Apr

As I mentioned in my introduction, my personal mission is to help foster a healthy independent music and arts community in Sacramento by supporting and developing music and arts education projects, putting on great shows and supporting working musicians and artists.

Here are just some of the events, projects and ideas I am working on through Concerts 4 Charity.

Sacramento Latin Music and Arts Festival

Concerts 4 Charity has teamed up with the Sacramento Latin Music and Art Festival to produce a world-class event celebrating the Latino culture while raising money to develop an arts education organization called Teatro Nagual, to introduce innovative arts education programs to schools in the Sacramento area.

The SLMAF will take place on October 2nd, 2010 during Hispanic Heritage Month. This family friendly event will include a variety of musical and theatrical performances, sumptuous cuisines, art exhibits and activities highlighting the history, tradition and heritage of the Latino culture.

A strong PR and three-phase marketing plan along with an innovative sponsorship program will provide businesses, community organizations and community partners with a strong platform to interact with our target audience throughout the life cycle of this exciting event.

Music Education: Musical Charis

Research shows that involvement in music and the arts provides significant benefit to children and teenagers including; academic achievement, social and emotional development, improved motivation, concentration and critical thinking. However funding for these critical programs in our schools and communities has been disappearing.

Concerts 4 Charity in an effort to further its mission to support music and arts education projects in proud to partnering with the Musical Charis Music School to provide financial aid to students.

Musical Charis Music School offers a variety of lessons and workshops to musicians of all ages and skill levels. Through its partnership with Concerts 4 Charity, Musical Charis will be able to provide additional financial support to students that have fell upon financially difficult times, so that they may continue to take music lessons without interruption.

Second Saturday Sacramento

Second Saturday is a wildly successful phenomenon that provides an opportunity for the greater Sacramento region to converge, primarily in the midtown Sacramento region, to take in the arts as well as the sights and sounds of what has become a citywide block party.

Concerts 4 Charity produces an event each month to showcase local musicians and artists and to provide a platform for businesses to engage with a highly sought after audience of Second Saturday revelers, while supporting the local music and arts scene.


Contact me to find out how you or your business can contribute to my efforts to support music and arts education as well as contributing to the success of a strong indie/DIY music and arts community.


The Passion of The Entrepreneur

1 Apr

Putting on an event can be one of the most challenging and rewarding endeavors.

A successful event, like any achievement, is truly a labor of love. There are countless hours of planning, with every detail carefully reviewed and revised and reviewed again, there are terrific brainstorms that keep you up for many sleepless nights, yet, no matter the headache, heartache or challenge, there is nothing more exhilarating than seeing your vision come to fruition.

I believe a comparison can be made between this process and starting any business, project or entrepreneurial venture.

In fact, this is exactly my motivation for starting this blog. When I reflect on my ten years as the architect and director of a national non-profit organization called Concerts 4 Charity, knowing the adversity I have overcome to continue doing what I love, is inspiring, and through this blog I hope to share a variety of connections and insight I have found between developing, marketing and producing successful events and how it relates to sales, marketing and business development. Perhaps I can inspire someone, besides myself, to keep creating, to stay strong and remain passionate about the one thing that I believe can truly change the world, the entrepreneurial dream.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!