The Art of Promotion – Deep Thoughts, Take 1

12 May

Promoting a local show is a lot like announcing a new business venture, who cares?

No really, who cares? Not in a sigh, shrug and give up kind of way — but in a genuinely inquisitive, prospecting adventure, kind of way!

Lets start with the basics:

    Who typically goes to these kind of shows?
    Where do these people congregate?
    Does the band that you are promoting have a good connection with fans in the community, on social media platforms, etc.?
    Is there a story to tell about this band or show that is PR worthy?

The closer you can be to this bands circle of influence the better chance you have at turning someone on to your show. In other words, people who are closest to the band, or the music community that this band relates to, have the greatest chance of showing interest in talking up and coming out to your show.

Once you figure out who these “low hanging fruit” prospects are, make sure you are communicating with them. Don’t just expect them to show up, you still have work to do, if you truly are interested in making your event a success.

    Handbills at the shows they attend.
    Posters at the places they hang out.
    Messages on their social networks.
    Messages from the bands.

You get the picture. Communicate, communicate, communicate with the people who should be the biggest fans, because chances are they will be the most likely to support you.

Ah, but here’s the tough one, the fringe group. These are the people who don’t know about your show, or the band you are trying to promote, and frankly, they don’t care… yet.

Why should they care? Why would they want to change their usual routine, whatever that may be, to go to your show. This is the question that you must ask yourself. You need to compel these people to let you into their world and change their routine, and believe me, that is hard to do!

So what does it take?

    Is it your passionate plea?
    Are you helping them relate to this unknown artist with similar artists they may know?
    Are you creating a unique event that they may want to check out because you have peeked their curiosity?
    Are they your friend, or acquaintance and they are willing to support you even if they do not know what they are walking into?

Chances you are going to have to figure out who you know in their circle of influence and is that mutual acquaintance willing to help you convince them? It’s no easy task, but it is vital to your success.

A successful show has a healthy mix of regulars and newbies. The regulars may be the easiest to convince, but never take for granted that they will just show up. Put in the effort. The people on the fringe may be the most challenging, and time consuming to capture, but if, and when they do show up, don’t forget to convert them into to regulars!

*Replace the word show/bands with new business venture/product


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