Inspiration and the Entrepreneur

13 May

I recently overheard a colleague getting a bit down on herself, just feeling the common frustration of an entrepreneur, trying to do great things and make ends meet. Most of us, especially the DIYers, have felt this way at some point in our journey and it inspired me to pen a few mantras for the frustrated entrepreneur.

#1 Believe in yourself.

    You don’t need to have all of the answers. There will be ups and there will be downs, in anything you do, in every area of your life. Clearly identify your dream and stay with it. You will be fine.

#2 Its all about balance.

    Not getting to high when things are rolling, but still enjoying it. Not beating yourself up to bad when things are taking a turn for the worse, humble yourself and learn from it.

#3 The 80/20 rule.

    If you give anything your best shot, with a little common sense, a lot of purpose and with the best interest of everyone involved in mind, most of the time, things will be just fine.

#4 You will be a great success.


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