Music Scene? Interesting thread on Facebook…

15 Jun

I have abbreviated the names of some people for privacy. This is an interesting topic for any promoter.

Shaun Slaughter
Praying that Sacramento starts giving a shit just a little bit more about the awesome stuff around them soon.

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Michael C.: look at my “lightning strikes and burns down giant Jesus statue” post for the likeliness of prayer answering. and on a serious note… how are sacsters (sacramento hipsters….copyright bitches!) supposed to give a shit more? people do what they want and what they find interesting… if they aren’t giving a shit about something it’s because they don’t want to give a shit about it. maybe Sacramento needs to do stuff that people give a shit about and not the other way around.
about an hour ago

Shaun Slaughter: Yeah I guess it’s all how you look at it. I guess when I go to other cities and tons of folks get SUPER excited about music, (sometimes the same exact guests that we and other promoters bring through) it bums me out. I’ve just gotten to a point where I wish MORE people would research some of the stuff coming through. Trust me, i’m not the only promoter/DJ/person who thinks this..

People need to pay more attention to the stuff under the icing.

Kal P.: Idk what it is about Sac..seems like bars clubs here is to restrictive lacking or missing something….shit…i go to SF and a small hole in the wall dive bar with a kick ass sound system and proper dj gear set up goes off

Olla U.: Our art/music scene is good but people (not everyone!) have less appreciation for it, like if you’re not famous then why bother paying attention? Broaden horizons!!

Clay Nutting: Ahh, sound systems, gotta have that, it makes a huge difference… I would also chime in that sprawl can hurt a city too, midtown is not as dense (population wise) as many other cities with strong music communities. There is probably some math formula that says: midtown population x number of live music supporters / number of things going on the the same night = pretty accurate. Let’s build some affordable urban housing or a freaking college in the ghost town that is past 15th and start getting some peeps down here besides 2nd Saturday.

Kathryn W.: dancing and drinking and strobe lights and fog machines? live dj sets, discovering new music, seeing interesting bands? yeah, it’s neat – but doing it over and over and over… what’s the appeal? okay, so this great up-and-coming trio comes to townhouse. you’ve never seen anything like it. get your friends out, have some whiskey, and dance the the night away. frankly, i’m just not excited as i would have been three years ago. we’ve seen it and done it before; even if it IS a new performer/group, it’s still the same genre/idea. don’t get me wrong: getting shitfaced with friends and dancing is a BLAST, but not forever (and not three times a week). i think a lot of us are growing out of it (i know i can only speak for myself, but this is the impression that i get) and would rather engage in conversation with our friends than hold their hair back while they puke. you’re smart and innovative, shaun; you put on GREAT events, and i have always had fun when i showed up. it’s just not what i want to do every single tuesday/friday night anymore. think on it.

Ryan T. Lindow: Clay’s got it right. Look at Granville st and/or gastown in Vancouver as evidence. If you have lots of people living downtown you get bars/clubs/soundsystems to satisfy any and all tastes. You also get healthy competition that drives up the quality of bookings and soundsystems. Fortune Sound is off the beaten path but their Funktion One means a full house every weekend.

Clay Nutting: That is a good point Kathryn, lots of my friends who used to go out several times a week have slowed their roll too, however, sometimes, there are artists that are really inspiring to see live, and if you love music, it shouldn’t be boring, I know there have been several times that I convince people to break out of the house on a weekday to see some really great artist, or break away from the dive bar on a weekend to pay a cover, and they are really thankful they did it… but still lots of good points there, as a promoter, we need to reach out to a new audience, get more innovative and listen to comments like this…

Adam P.: Sacramento is a perfect example of a Midwest city, the culture here hasn’t evolved. The majority of people still listen to pop punk, emo, core and rockabilly and present themselves accordingly. Sure a few of us keep up with what’s current but honestly if it hasn’t hit main stream, then it’s not interesting.

Shaun Slaughter: Clay – I definitely agree. Katie – my nights are not the only thing I’m talking about. I’m also not promoting everyone get shitfaced drunk 3 times a week….what people do when they get out is kinda on them. Not saying I’ve never promoted the whole “let’s lose our shit and go crazy thing” though. It does however drive me crazy to have tons of friends who are definitely into awesome music who just flat out don’t come out to anything. My events or others. Clay will feel me on this. I flip flop on doing what I think people will GENERALLY get into and what I really want to expose people to. Hence some nights are just kind of fun easy party themes and some nights are bookings of up and comers or rad djs/bands….it can leave you feeling mega bummed to work so hard and see lackluster support (see Jon quitting DJing / Promoting) it takes A LOT out of you. Again, not saying we are the end all be all of awesome. Tons of promoters are working their asses off to bring interesting parties and bookings in Sacto.


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