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Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene

29 Mar

From an interview in Proximity Magazine with Renny Pritkin author of Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene, an important and inspiring document that will be showcased in an exhibition featuring work from a collective of independent Sacramento artists sometime in April. Stay tuned.

JdP: This overview sets the stage for what I really want to talk with you about, which is possible futures. You’ve become well-known for inventing institutions. I’m thinking of your pioneering alternative-space work at New Langton Arts in the 80′s, and your work with material culture, alternative exhibition formats, and fringe-artists at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts when it first opened in the 90s. What kinds of institutions do you imagine appearing on the art and culture landscape of the next ten years?

Renny Pritikin: My friend Anne Focke, who started and/or gallery in Seattle around the same time we were building New Langton Arts, was visiting recently, and we asked ourselves: “if we were starting again today, what would we do?’ We came up with a few ideas. One was a combination public/private research center, where art is just one of the disciplines. It could be a residence where people develop this research, with a public component to accommodate talks, presentations, performance, etc. It would involve culture, broadly, and maybe science, but with a goal of breaking down the separation of art from the rest of society. This kind of work is easier now because of the fluidity of digital means. Artists today bridge disciplines without thinking for a second about it. The fact that you can put together a complex project and distribute it to thousands of viewers using a website is a huge change. One that we shouldn’t underestimate.

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Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene

Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene