A World Without Music Education

2 Nov

There is a whole generation of children growing up without arts education in their lives despite irrefutable evidence that arts education provides everything we as a Nation and community say we want for our children.

  • Arts education stimulates and develops the imagination, problem solving and critical thinking ability;
  • Lends to overall academic achievement and school success;
  • Nurtures important values, including team-building skills; respecting alternative viewpoints; and appreciating and being aware of different cultures and traditions.

I have created a Kickstarter Campaign to create a cost-effective, interactive music and arts curriculum called Louis and The Gator, that re-imagines Peter and the Wolf (the original music education symphony) to incorporate the instruments, players, style, culture and history of Jazz music with Louis Armstrong taking the place of the story’s main character.

And what could be more significant than encouraging the creativity of our young people and developing an audience for America’s homegrown classical music? This program aims to reconnect our youth to a musical heritage that has inspired and influenced some of the greatest minds of all time.

If you love music, arts and education — I urge you to back this campaign — every $1 counts!

And not only will you be contributing to a worthy cause,  there are many great rewards for pledging too! From tickets to a Harley White Jr. Jazz Orchestra performance, to private music lessons, and even an opportunity to have a private party thrown for you and up to 100 guests!

Please act quickly! We only have 7 days to reach our goal!

For information on how to support this campaign please go to: http://kck.st/qznZ5r

Thank you for your consideration!


Design Thinking is a mindset.

28 Jun

Design Thinking is a mindset. Design Thinking is the confidence that everyone can be part of creating a more desirable future, and a process to take action when faced with a difficult challenge. That kind of optimism is well needed in the world. Here, it is applied in the education sector.

Design Thinking in Education

This notion via the brilliant minds at www.ideo.com

Read about Design Thinking in Harvard Business Review by Ideo’s Tim Brown, or watch below.


Tim Brown on Change By Design from IDEO on Vimeo.

#creativeclass #design

Event Promotion and Social Media

16 Apr

Local Web Development/Marketing Co. Black Dog Education interviewed me about event promotion, social media and my nonprofit Concerts 4 Charity.

If so inclined, feel free to read the interview here:

Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene

29 Mar

From an interview in Proximity Magazine with Renny Pritkin author of Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene, an important and inspiring document that will be showcased in an exhibition featuring work from a collective of independent Sacramento artists sometime in April. Stay tuned.

JdP: This overview sets the stage for what I really want to talk with you about, which is possible futures. You’ve become well-known for inventing institutions. I’m thinking of your pioneering alternative-space work at New Langton Arts in the 80′s, and your work with material culture, alternative exhibition formats, and fringe-artists at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts when it first opened in the 90s. What kinds of institutions do you imagine appearing on the art and culture landscape of the next ten years?

Renny Pritikin: My friend Anne Focke, who started and/or gallery in Seattle around the same time we were building New Langton Arts, was visiting recently, and we asked ourselves: “if we were starting again today, what would we do?’ We came up with a few ideas. One was a combination public/private research center, where art is just one of the disciplines. It could be a residence where people develop this research, with a public component to accommodate talks, presentations, performance, etc. It would involve culture, broadly, and maybe science, but with a goal of breaking down the separation of art from the rest of society. This kind of work is easier now because of the fluidity of digital means. Artists today bridge disciplines without thinking for a second about it. The fact that you can put together a complex project and distribute it to thousands of viewers using a website is a huge change. One that we shouldn’t underestimate.

Read more: http://proximitymagazine.com/2009/05/renny-pritikin/

View the Prescription:

Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene

Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene

Sacramento Electronic Music Festival

6 Feb

The Sacramento Electronic Music Festival is an independent music festival that was developed to showcase emerging artists alongside internationally renowned talent in an effort to create an innovative and memorable experience for the Sacramento music community. The SEMF vision is to continue to foster a supportive music community while attracting world-class talent to Sacramento, not just at the annual festival, but throughout the year.

2011 was a huge success. Three amazing, sold-out days. 26 performances from the bands and DJs that was taken to another level of excellence.

We started this event without a dollar, just a whole lot of passion and a determination to make SEMF memorable and exciting for everyone involved, and as the event drew near, we knew we had something special and I think its safe to say 2011 did not disappoint. Thank you!

Here are some articles, mentions and write-ups about SEMF 2011:








I’m still here…

1 Nov

I bet if you typed in “neglected blog” into Google, you would get 5 billion results.

I ended up here today because a talented Sacramento friend requested that I update her link www.bowsandsparrows.com in my Sactosphere section. Of course I was more than happy to oblige. Although, I must admit, I have been dreading coming over to this corner the internet for several months. Not because I don’t have anything to say, it is 100% the opposite! I had the most amazing Summer and I knew my thoughts would soon be dominated with this post and trying to recapture, retell, and share the magic.

I will be coming back to edit this post, but in the meantime I will sum it up with some bullets:

    Sea of Bees Record Release w/ John Vanderslice
    Admiral Radley
    Doombird Record Release w/ Bart Davenport
    !!! (chk chk chk) w/ Ganglians
    Ballet & Live Local Music
    Love Like Fire w/ The Dreaded Diamond

Wow. Oh, and coming up!

Admiral Radley!

29 Jun

Wow, I am absolutely thrilled to put on a show with such prolific artists!

July 16th at The Blue Lamp in Sacramento:

Concerts 4 Charity: Sacramento is proud to present Admiral Radley featuring Jason Lytle and Aaron Burtch of Grandaddy and Ariana Murray and Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart. NPR “All Songs Considered” says Admiral Radley is “a band with a bright new future” and I couldn’t agree more!

Here is Admiral Radley performing live at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX for NPR Music, at SXSW, March 2010.

Also performing is Sea of Bees and Jared Dreams of Far Out Things

Click here for the event on Facebook.

Here are a few reviews of Ad Rad:

Pitchfork – “Ethereal California-based indie bands unite!”

NPR “All Songs Considered” – “A band with a bright new future”

SPIN in Best of SXSW – “….finely honed, intricately layered songs with loopy effects, whimsical themes…”

NPR – “….as beautiful as you’d expect”

Poster by Asbestos Press

C4C Article in Sacramento Press

16 Jun

This story was done by Sacramento State student Jake Willis:

C4C’s Clay Nutting Provides Support For Local Music And Music Education.

Music Scene? Interesting thread on Facebook…

15 Jun

I have abbreviated the names of some people for privacy. This is an interesting topic for any promoter.

Shaun Slaughter
Praying that Sacramento starts giving a shit just a little bit more about the awesome stuff around them soon.

8 people like this.

Michael C.: look at my “lightning strikes and burns down giant Jesus statue” post for the likeliness of prayer answering. and on a serious note… how are sacsters (sacramento hipsters….copyright bitches!) supposed to give a shit more? people do what they want and what they find interesting… if they aren’t giving a shit about something it’s because they don’t want to give a shit about it. maybe Sacramento needs to do stuff that people give a shit about and not the other way around.
about an hour ago

Shaun Slaughter: Yeah I guess it’s all how you look at it. I guess when I go to other cities and tons of folks get SUPER excited about music, (sometimes the same exact guests that we and other promoters bring through) it bums me out. I’ve just gotten to a point where I wish MORE people would research some of the stuff coming through. Trust me, i’m not the only promoter/DJ/person who thinks this..

People need to pay more attention to the stuff under the icing.

Kal P.: Idk what it is about Sac..seems like bars clubs here is to restrictive lacking or missing something….shit…i go to SF and a small hole in the wall dive bar with a kick ass sound system and proper dj gear set up goes off

Olla U.: Our art/music scene is good but people (not everyone!) have less appreciation for it, like if you’re not famous then why bother paying attention? Broaden horizons!!

Clay Nutting: Ahh, sound systems, gotta have that, it makes a huge difference… I would also chime in that sprawl can hurt a city too, midtown is not as dense (population wise) as many other cities with strong music communities. There is probably some math formula that says: midtown population x number of live music supporters / number of things going on the the same night = pretty accurate. Let’s build some affordable urban housing or a freaking college in the ghost town that is past 15th and start getting some peeps down here besides 2nd Saturday.

Kathryn W.: dancing and drinking and strobe lights and fog machines? live dj sets, discovering new music, seeing interesting bands? yeah, it’s neat – but doing it over and over and over… what’s the appeal? okay, so this great up-and-coming trio comes to townhouse. you’ve never seen anything like it. get your friends out, have some whiskey, and dance the the night away. frankly, i’m just not excited as i would have been three years ago. we’ve seen it and done it before; even if it IS a new performer/group, it’s still the same genre/idea. don’t get me wrong: getting shitfaced with friends and dancing is a BLAST, but not forever (and not three times a week). i think a lot of us are growing out of it (i know i can only speak for myself, but this is the impression that i get) and would rather engage in conversation with our friends than hold their hair back while they puke. you’re smart and innovative, shaun; you put on GREAT events, and i have always had fun when i showed up. it’s just not what i want to do every single tuesday/friday night anymore. think on it.

Ryan T. Lindow: Clay’s got it right. Look at Granville st and/or gastown in Vancouver as evidence. If you have lots of people living downtown you get bars/clubs/soundsystems to satisfy any and all tastes. You also get healthy competition that drives up the quality of bookings and soundsystems. Fortune Sound is off the beaten path but their Funktion One means a full house every weekend.

Clay Nutting: That is a good point Kathryn, lots of my friends who used to go out several times a week have slowed their roll too, however, sometimes, there are artists that are really inspiring to see live, and if you love music, it shouldn’t be boring, I know there have been several times that I convince people to break out of the house on a weekday to see some really great artist, or break away from the dive bar on a weekend to pay a cover, and they are really thankful they did it… but still lots of good points there, as a promoter, we need to reach out to a new audience, get more innovative and listen to comments like this…

Adam P.: Sacramento is a perfect example of a Midwest city, the culture here hasn’t evolved. The majority of people still listen to pop punk, emo, core and rockabilly and present themselves accordingly. Sure a few of us keep up with what’s current but honestly if it hasn’t hit main stream, then it’s not interesting.

Shaun Slaughter: Clay – I definitely agree. Katie – my nights are not the only thing I’m talking about. I’m also not promoting everyone get shitfaced drunk 3 times a week….what people do when they get out is kinda on them. Not saying I’ve never promoted the whole “let’s lose our shit and go crazy thing” though. It does however drive me crazy to have tons of friends who are definitely into awesome music who just flat out don’t come out to anything. My events or others. Clay will feel me on this. I flip flop on doing what I think people will GENERALLY get into and what I really want to expose people to. Hence some nights are just kind of fun easy party themes and some nights are bookings of up and comers or rad djs/bands….it can leave you feeling mega bummed to work so hard and see lackluster support (see Jon quitting DJing / Promoting) it takes A LOT out of you. Again, not saying we are the end all be all of awesome. Tons of promoters are working their asses off to bring interesting parties and bookings in Sacto.

Social Media and Marketing Budgets

26 May

Business owners and promoters alike can generally agree on a few key things:

    1. Marketing and advertising are essential to any successful endeavor
    2. Budgets are tight

So naturally, many business owners/promoters are intrigued by social media marketing:

    1. It’s free!
    2. Many people that they are trying to reach are using social media

The caveat is that social media can be daunting, intimidating and certainly more time consuming than many busy business owners could imagine.

Many businesses run well thought-out, strategic and carefully executed marketing campaigns. Usually considered a worthy and necessary investment.

However, when it comes to running successful social media campaigns, the investment in cultivating an effective campaign, seems to take a back seat.

Maybe it’s because social media is free, or maybe its because some business owners are still struggling to understand it, after all its not always tangible (although there are some great tools being developed that are starting to help show some SM impact) but neither is advertising for that matter, unless your talking redemption, coupons and SEO, but the tolerance for other mediums outside of social media seems to be much higher when it comes to performance and time invested?

What do you think?

Can the value of social media be articulated and communicated?
Can social media show a ROI?
Is social media a player in Marketing budgets?
When it comes to companies investing their resources, what are some of social media’s top challenges?